If you ask dads to take over babysitting—then, you should expect things to turn wacky

Who says dads can’t take care of the children? The dads in this video prove that babysitting is a breeze, though their ways are a little wacky.

In this clip, a father wants to play. The problem is, he doesn’t have a toy gun. Luckily, he has a baby. So, Dad arms himself with the baby—as the make-believe gun—and hunts inside the house.

You know those Scooby-doo-ish chase scenes where the main characters and monsters are in hot pursuit, and they keep on popping up on different sides of the screen as the latter chase the former?

This clip is somehow like that—a baby hot on daddy’s trail as the grown-up man tries to escape.

In another clip, dad takes his daughter in a baby stroller for a walk outside while he mounts a hoverboard. Nothing like spicing it up a notch!

There’s also a father who tries to stop his baby from crying by rocking the cradle.

The only thing is, he can’t get himself out of the bed, so the fact that the baby is not in the cradle doesn’t occur to him.

There are more dad-parenting scenes waiting for you here.

Video Credit: Facebook | NTD Funniest.